Plant, Equipment & Site Safety

Plant, Equipment & Site Safety

In today’s world of high technology, equipment operators must have a thorough understanding of machine systems to achieve maximum efficiency and greatest return on equipment investment. The benchmarks established for students’ achievement throughout Safety First’s training programs ensure that high levels of proficiency and confidence are attained.

Safety Skills

The student will return to his or her place of employment with skill levels that will improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs and enhance safety. All of these benefits provide a rapid payback on your training investment.

      1) Telescopic Handler Operator
      2) Loading Shovel Operator
      3) Fork Lift Truck Operator
      4) Gantry Crane Operator
      5) 360 Degree Excavator Operator
      6) Mobile Elevated Working Platforms
      7) Tractor / Dozer
      8) Slinger / Signaller
      9) Tower Crane Operator
      10) 180 Degree Excavator Operator
      11) Hi-Ab Truck
      12) Abrasive Setters
Course Charge Type: Per Person
Course Cost: Price On Request
Course Name: Plant, Equipment & Site Safety
Payment Type: Cash, Cheque, Credit, Card

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