Managing Safely

Managing Safely

Institution for Occupational Safety and Health.

This course is aimed at managers who are required to manage efficiently and effectively in compliance with both the organization’s safety policy and safety & health legislation.

This modular course concentrates on training the attendee to apply sound management principles to safety and health issues as part of a total management strategy.

Course Topics:
      1) Good Safety Management
      2) Quality Assurance (auditing)
      3) Role of the competent person
      4) Behavioural factors
      5) Communication Skills
      6) Understanding why incidents/accidents occur.
      7) Policy making and Planning
      8) Risk management principles
      9) Concept of hazard and risk
      10) Legal framework
      11) Commonly Occurring Hazards
Course Details:


Assessment will be in the form of a written paper in the form of a combination of an objective multiple choice test and a short written question paper of no more than 50 questions plus a practical assessment carried out in a work or related case study. 50% or more must be achieved for both the written and practical assessments.

An aggregate of 60% or more overall must be achieved to entitle the candidate to receive a Managing Safely Certificate.

Duration: 4 Day Course Certification:

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Course Charge Type: Per Person
Course Cost: Price on Request
Course Name: Managing Safely
Payment Type: Cash, Cheque, Credit, Card

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