Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid

For staff who wish to assist in the event of an emergency or for businesses who wish to have a back-up plan for their full-time occupational First Aiders, our Appointed Person course is ideal. For smaller workplaces that present few health and safety risks, where a nominated person is required to take charge in the event of illness or accident, this course is perfect.

The course gives students an outline of what is required when emergency care is called for and makes them aware of their duties towards First Aid equipment.

Who should attend:

Nominated persons or staff that provide support to Occupational First Aiders.

Course Contents:
    1. 1) Assessment of a Casualty
    1. 2) Airway Management
    1. 3) Wound Control
    1. 4) Medical Emergencies
    1. 5) Equipment & Supplies
    1. 6) Alerting the Emergency Services
    1. 7) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
    1. 8) Fracture Immobilisation
    1. 9) First Aid Legislation
Course Details:

Assessment: Continuous assessment by trainer.
Duration: 4 weeks (2 hrs per week)

Course Charge Type: Per Person
Course Cost: Available On Request
Course Name: Basic First Aid
Payment Type: Cash, Cheque, Credit, Card

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