Awareness & Extinguisher Course

Awareness & Extinguisher Course

All staff should know what needs to be done to prevent a fire from starting. Our Fire Prevention course is aimed to raise the awareness of all staff in regards to hazard spotting and fire prevention.

All students will also practice how to use extinguishers and when to use them during the course.

Who should attend:

All employees.

Course Contents:
    1. 1) Fire Prevention
    1. 2) Fire Hazard Spotting
    1. 3) Fire Extinguishers
    1. 4) Using Fire Extinguishers
    1. 5) Alerting the Fire Service
    1. 6) Evacuation Drills
    1. 7) Fire Escapes
Course Details:

Assessments: Continuous assessment by trainer.
Duration ½ Day

Course Charge Type: per Group (up to 15)
Course Cost: Available On Request
Course Name: Awareness & Extinguisher Course
Payment Type: Cash, Cheque, Credit, Card

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