Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation

This course is designed for those people in an organisation likely to be involved in the investigation of accidents or incidents, to understand the basic principles of the investigation process.

This course ensures that an organisation meets its legal obligations. By the end, participants will be able to explain the company’s accident investigation procedures, understand their own role in investigating accidents, know the types of questions to ask in an accident investigation and determine actions needed to prevent recurrences of the same.

Who should attend:

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders or anyone involved in the investigation of an accident or incident.

Course Contents:

    1. 1) Duties of Managers & Supervisors
    1. 2) Safety Legislation
    1. 3) Unsafe Acts, Conditions
    1. 4) How behaviour can contribute to accidents.
    1. 5) Why Accident Investigation
    1. 6) Incident Reporting
    1. 7) Why & How do we investigate?
    1. 8) Case Study

Course Details:

Assessment: Continuous assessment by trainer.
Duration: ½ Day

Course Charge Type: Per Person
Course Cost: Available On Request
Course Name: Accident Investigation
Payment Type: Cash, Cheque, Credit, Card

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